Adjuvant business division of the Group has high R&D capacity with over 30 senior technical personnel. Our product line can be divided into polymer emulsifier, polymeric dispersant, polymer thickener, organic silicon surfactant and other core efficient adjuvant products.

The company can do research and development, and production of 15 kinds of formulations including SC, SL, EC, WG, GR, WP, etc, and has over 3,000 mature formulas. We produce core adjuvant by ourselves and cut corresponding steps in the process of R&D and production, so costs are reduced efficiently.

Adjuvant business division of the Group has devoted to providing for small and medium-sized enterprises with technical support, difficult problem solutions, etc, and help them research and develop and improve formulas.

Welcome for both new and old clients at home or abroad to discuss related business with us!

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