Reliachem has long devoted to pesticide registration service with an annual investment of millions of RMB and established good strategic cooperation relationship with GLP laboratory abroad.

We are willing to provide registration service for sincere and potential clients, including ICAMA certification, 5 batches of full analysis, full set of toxicity experimental reports (6 pack toxicity reports, subacute toxicity report, chronic toxicity report, subchronic toxicity report, carcinogenic toxicity report, teratogenic toxicity report, mutagenic toxicity report, reproductive toxicity report, etc), environmental behavior toxicity report, environmental toxicity test report, residual experimental report, pharmacodynamic experiment report, etc.

We have professional registration team including one Doctor and five Masters, and they all come from domestic well-known agricultural universities. After carefully studied the registration policies in countries all over the world, the registration team has accumulated rich practical experience. The team can formulate reasonable registration strategies for foreign customers and get pesticide registration certificate in short time according to different characteristics and requirements of different areas.

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