1. Strict process specification

Ø Please be sure to experiment on the products before the company offers its quotation, and resolutely avoid irresponsible behavior of malicious orders.

Ø Strictly protect customers’ information, and prohibit irrelevant personnel to enter workshop, warehouse and other places that may involve customers’ sensitive information.

Ø Conduct strict test before mass production to guarantee the stability of product quality.

Ø Production process strictly follows related requirements of ISO 2000 quality system, and seriously formulates production standards and procedure.

Ø During the preparation production, keep sealed sample and reserved sample of products well for checking if any quality concerns occur from the clients.

2. The Material Quality is Stable and Reliable

We always choose the technical material with excellent chromaticity, in uniform and of good stability, and the content is higher than conventional standard. For every batch of products, the company will carry on the strict test.

3. Demanding Production Standards

Products are usually produced according to FAO standard. Besides, products for Eastern Europe where is relatively cold, and Africa, theMiddle Eastand other high temperature regions should follow more demanding requirements accordingly. We have carefully studied the mainstream products of different places over the years since the establishment of our company.

4. The Choosing of Packing and Sub-packaging

Different preparations need different packing materials. According to the characteristics of each product, our company reasonably tests and selects packing materials to make sure that phenomena like leakage, explosion and crack, damage and transformation won’t happen. Because there are many overseas orders, packing material must meet requirements of ocean shipping. Liquid packing materials mainly include HDPE bottle, PET bottle, COEX bottle (fluorination block bottle, Co-extrusion block bottle and blending block bottle), aluminum bottle, etc. We will choose appropriate materials and bottles according to the characteristics of certain preparation, and we also can customize packing materials depending on customers’ requirements. As to powder packaging which is easy to transform, we choose five layers or seven layers super corrugated carton to guarantee the strength required by long-distance transport, load and unload, stacking and dropping.

The control of sub-packaging process is of key importance to the product quality of small packaging preparation. We give priority to several important links, and there are strict quality requirements from pouring, sealing, capping, spraying the code, decals, shrink film to final sealing and packaging.

Please be sure to affirm sample manuscript with customers before printing the carton box, label, etc to ensure it complies with customers’ requirements.

5. Optimization of Adjuvant and Formula

The company produces polymer emulsifier, polymer thickener, polymeric dispersant, organosilicon surfactant and so on throughout the year which greatly cuts costs in R&D and production. We are also a professional adjuvant company and have unique advantages in quality control of preparation.

6. Professional R&D Team

The company has an adjuvant R&D team including more than thirty members that engages in the development of adjuvant from monomer adjuvant to finished product composite adjuvant. At present, we have over 3,000 adjuvant formulas. The team has all along devoted to helping pesticide processing factories to research and develop and improve formulas.

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