China ensures the stable supply of raw materialsdomestic fertilizerspesticides
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Fertilizers and pesticides are important in agriculture and basic industries. Controlling their prices within a reasonable range plays a very important role in ensuring farmers' income and enthusiasm for growing grain, and ensuring national food security. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the supply of raw materials for its production to ensure normal domestic production.


The first strategy is to strengthen price monitoring and trend forecasting, and release relevant information in a timely manner to avoid market turmoil caused by information confusion; at the same time, increase policy support for enterprises, activate idle production capacity, and ensure market supply.


The second strategy is to actively control and ensure the stable supply of raw materials for fertilizer companies. For example, through effective means to ensure the coal consumption indicators of domestic urea companies, to ensure the smooth commissioning of new urea production capacity.


The third strategy is to encourage domestic enterprises to give priority to guaranteeing domestic supply. Due to the increase in international market demand and rising international prices, the large number of enterprises exporting has led to a shortage of some domestic products. Policies should be introduced to encourage enterprises to give priority to guaranteeing domestic supply.


The fourth strategy is to promote technological upgrading, accelerate the upgrading of high-toxicity, high-efficiency and low-toxicity and high-efficiency products, promote fertilizer reduction technology, and improve the use efficiency of pesticides and fertilizers.

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